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The Little White House provides comprehensive and collaborative mental health care and psychological services in Copenhagen. As clinical psychologists with advanced training, we can provide a range of services including psychological and psycho-educational assessment, counselling and support for the everyday difficulties encountered in expat life, and evidence-based therapy for mental health difficulties across the lifespan. Whether you prefer a fluent English speaker, or a native Dane (or Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish and German!), you will find someone who understands the challenges of living abroad and integrating in Denmark. We also have first-hand experience navigating the difficulties created by cultural and language differences in the workplace, and in the family.

Our different training and experience means that between us, we have many areas of speciality, for example, child and family therapycouples therapysleep problemsaddiction, and chronic mental health issues. There are many effective methods of psychotherapy, but research has shown the key to successful treatment is finding the right fit between you and your therapist. To help you do this, you can book a free assessment session, where one of our psychologists will help you find the right person for you within our practice, and if need be, additional support from other professionals we trust.

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Please note that free consultation is an intake session and the psychologist you meet with will guide you to find the best fit with one of our authorized psychologists, depending on your needs, preferences and availability.

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