More about vacations…

The summer is winding down.  Most, if not all of the European population has returned from vacation.

I ran across another article, the other day, highlighting an important difference between European and American vacation-time.  I want to share it here, because it fits with my experience of things.

My first summer in Denmark was magical.  The weather was amazing (we still talk about it) and I learned how to press that “off” button for two whole weeks in a row.  However, another important part of the magic was that everything in Copenhagen seemed to slow down for about a month.  I took my dog to the vet, for example.  The vet was working alone, with no assistant and no receptionist.  Everyone was on vacation.  Banks were slow.  Some retail shops shut down.  

I wrote emails to colleagues that weren’t returned.  After some attempts to work, after I returned from vacation, I simply gave up.  No one else was working, so why should I? I couldn’t really accomplish anything, anyway.  And such is life in Europe during the month of July.

Read this article about the effects of synchronized vacations on their perceived benefits.

Until next time…