How much ‘stuff’ does one need, to be fulfilled?

I ran across this article the other day, and now am looking forward to seeing the movie.  It’s about a man who, following a relationship break-up, decides to give up his worldly possessions.  He films the process, for a year, and creates a documentary.  Here is a link to the article:  documentary about giving up ones’ possessions

One example of a tiny house

When I moved to Denmark four years ago, I originally decided that I was going to bring most of my belongings.  However, when I looked at some quotes for moving expenses, it became clear that it was entirely cost prohibitive.  Most people who move their belongings (i..e., furniture) overseas are either wealthy or have a company paying for the move.  It dawned on me that I was really going to have to be selective about what I brought over here, from the States.  Week, after week, I got rid of things.  They were either sold on Craigslist (the American version of Den Blå Avis), given away, recycled, or thrown away. What followed was a deep sense of relief; even without my belongings (including a car, which I sold), I could be and would be just fine.

I became interested in the tiny house movement, and, to this day, my retirement plans are to live tiny, half time, somewhere in the US desert.

Feel free to share your thoughts about how owning ‘stuff’ relates, or doesn’t relate to happiness. Enjoy the attached article.