Second book of the month– ‘Authentic Happiness’ by Martin Seligman

When I went to graduate school in 1988, we were educated in psychological testing, statistics and research design, and psychopathology.  At the heart of psychology was the treatment of psychological ills and the removal of suffering.  Since that time, there has been an emergence in the field of ‘Positive Psychology’—psychology that is strength based and focuses on promoting happiness, as opposed to relieving suffering.  My other book that I will be reviewing at the end of the break is Martin Seligman’s ‘Authentic Happiness’.   You can buy it from Amazon UK, here.
So far, what I like about this book is that it is 100 percent based in scientific evidence. Seligman doesn’t just tell you what to do, to have a happier life and expect you to simply trust him.  He walks you through the research that exists on each of the components of happiness and convinces you with DATA.  He also has a website that goes with the book so you can take some of the questionnaires he refers to, within the book.

Once I am finished, I will give you the full scoop.