RIP Rebel Princess for reducing mental health stigma

Carrie Fisher in her iconic role as Princess Leia
RIP Carrie Fisher, the openly Bipolar, addicted actress who brought us one of Hollywood’s first, strong female role models in her portrayal of Princess Leia in the Star Wars series.  She was only 60, when she died.  In her books, she chronicles her struggles with mental illness and addiction.  I write about her, because the Star Wars series has figured prominently into my life (I was 11 years old when the first one came out, and I still can remember standing in the long line, waiting to get tickets for it with my family), and because she was one of the first famous people who talked openly about her struggles with mental health issues.    
Mental health stigma is still a problem in today’s society.  Though the same judgement is usually not prevalent with physical health problems (imagine if someone was ashamed to get treatment for a broken leg), people who seek the help of a therapist are sometimes seen as weak and in part, to blame for their troubles.  This prevents some individuals from seeking help and even can lead to poorer treatment outcomes.  See more about this through Psychology Today, here.

Carrie Fisher was brave in her open discussion of her mental health troubles.  She was a rebel leader in film, as in her life.  Rest in peace.