The Sleep Whisperer

Many of my clients report difficulties sleeping.  In my psychological travels, I am often on the lookout for apps and programs that assist with sleep.  There are quite a few out there, from the sounds of nature and white noise, to meditation and finally to rambling voices that supposedly take one’s mind off of their own noisy thoughts.

The sleep whisperer is a podcast produced and narrated by a delightfully sensitive man who only goes by the name ‘Harris’.  The premise of the podcast is fairly simple and even has some science behind it.  The idea is that you want something to distract you from your own thinking in order to help you to fall asleep.  However, that something cannot be too complicated or stimulating so that it actually keeps you awake.  ‘Harris’ has created a recording of his voice reading exceptionally boring stories and lists and ramblings that are interesting enough to distract you from your own thoughts, but boring enough to help you fall asleep.  This includes his reading things like recipes, wordlists, and even wikipedia articles.   I have tried his podcast myself several times and I think it’s quite effective.  Here is the link:

Sleep Whispers


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