By Dr. Debbie Quackenbush

Sometimes a substance or behavior seems to hold a great deal of power over an individual. They might find themselves online far more than they wish, or family members might be complaining that they drink too much. Please don’t feel alone in this. Many people have suffered from mild and/or serious addiction problems. 

Treatment for addiction sometimes can benefit from individual sessions.  When an addiction is very severe, it might require an inpatient stay. I can help you think about what you want to do about your problem. I can help you decide what kind of help you are open to, and think about what it is you want to change.

Treatment for Addiction often requires knowing yourself, knowing your ‘triggers’, and coming up with a concrete plan about how to avoid the problem behavior. I will help you write a ‘recovery plan’ where we construct a plan for your daily life that takes into account your strengths, and your vulnerabilities.

Please note that, in my experience, substance abuse and dependence usually benefit from group interventions., in addition to any work that we do together. Twelve-step groups (or “Rational Recovery”) are often an important part of helping you get your life, and your behaviors back into balance. Some addictions are also symptomatic of an underlying mood or anxiety disorder, and consultation with a Psychiatrist might be recommended.