Sometimes one goes to therapy to feel better or to rid oneself of a bad habit.  However, there are other times when a person might want to explore themselves more deeply and understand their personality.

Enter ‘depth psychology’. Depth psychology is a term that has been used to refer to a group of therapy approaches that are designed to give a client insight into their behavior. Depth psychology has, at its core, the relationship between the client and the therapist.

Once that relationship feels like a safe space, the client and therapist will embark together on a journey to more deeply understand the thoughts and feelings of the client. Old wounds will be explored, rather than alleviated with the goal of being able to make sense of and bear the pain.

Some people find this approach more satisfying than short-term approaches.  Depth Psychotherapy can also be used after a more short-term therapy model for the person who feels better, but wants to gain knowledge about themselves.

Please contact us if you want to embark on this kind of therapy. Several of our psychologists specialize in it.