Internship and Students

At the Little White House, Internships may be offered to graduate students studying psychology. Please contact Debbie for more information.

Clients may be asked if they will allow these students (post graduates) to observe sessions. All of our interns are bound by the same confidentiality laws/ethics as our Psychologists and sign a form acknowledging this.While this is, of course, voluntary, it is our great wish that our clients recognize the mutual benefits of training. It can be difficult for new psychologists to gain high-quality training and clinical experience out in the real world, but this experience is essential to maintaining high standards of care in our profession. Training and supervising new therapists also makes us better. Explaining out loud our processes and decision points in therapy can often give us a higher level of clarity about a client, much like when we attend our own peer supervision. We believe our clients can only benefit from the process.

At The Little White House, we are dedicated to maintaining excellence in clinical practice, and that’s why we are passionate about our involvement in undergraduate and post-graduate training programs, supervision of new psychologists, and our own continued professional development.