Monday Morning Goals & Meditation Class

Do you have trouble with Monday mornings?

Would you like a way to start the week off well, with renewed energy and motivation, clarity about your goals and a greater sense of purpose?

Come along to our Monday morning class with Dr. Debbie and find out how giving that time to yourself can pay off for the rest of the week.

Class starts at 7:30, Monday morning.  It is a brief (45 minute) group in which participants will:

  1. Join in a 20 minute meditation
  1. Develop skills to create realistic and achievable goals
  1. Create a weekly goal that they would like to achieve (i.e., with work, quitting a habit, starting a habit, for example)
  1. Create a sense of community that will hold them accountable to their goals.

This group is meant for adults and it costs 275 DKK/session.  Please pay prior to coming or using mobilepay.

You do not have to commit to a certain number of sessions for this group.  You only need to sign up on our website.

This group is ideal for people who have anxiety, who are working on a specific problem and/or have a hard time getting up on Monday mornings and need the extra support.

Please note that groups will occur approximately 45 weeks out of the year to make time for vacation and holidays.

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