Our Philsophy

It’s easy, particularly if you are an expat, to be confused by the mental health system in your country of residence. At the Little White House, our philosophy is four-pronged: we believe in collaborative care, excellence, training and certification, and in using only evidence-based models.

Collaborative care.  Research is clear that a collaborative care model produces the best outcomes. We endeavor to work with you and with other members of your medical team when necessary. This could mean that we (with your permission) have a conversation with your psychiatrist or your primary care doctors. When we work with children, we consider ourselves part of your child’s education team and will collaborate with teachers and school administrators as is necessary. As psychologists working together, we also collaborate with one another.  One psychologist might be providing your couples therapy and the other your individual therapy, for example.  They will collaborate so that you get the very best integrated treatment. 

Excellence.  It’s important that you feel cared about and that your needs are understood and valued. We have a standard of excellence at the Little White House. Excellence means small touches like prompt return of messages and phone calls, and showing up on time. It also means we stay up-to-date with the latest innovations in Psychology and health care and that we provide clients with a clear direction about how therapy will likely unfold.

Training and Certification. At The Little White House, we believe in both staying current with recent psychological innovations and also in adhering to International and Danish standards of care. All of our psychologists are either authorized or working toward authorization. We also provide an internship for Masters level psychologists and sponsor workshops for other therapists who are seeking to enhance their skills. Many of us participate in professional organizations and supervise other psychologists. Finally, many of us also have advanced, more specialized training.

Evidence-based psychotherapy.  All of our psychologists practice evidence based psychotherapy. This means our treatment models have been researched and have been established as being effective in client populations.    Where possible, we match client problems to the most appropriate intervention as per research standards.