Our mission is not only to help you become happier and healthier, but also to help you stay that way! Membership is a way for you to get discounts on individual therapy and to also get inexpensive/free access to all our groups. And to make sure you get all the support you need along the way, you will also get extra access to a therapist between sessions. There are different membership packages to suit different needs and different stages of the therapy journey, but all provide excellent value and encourage you to remain engaged and committed to your well-being.

If you like the idea of more services for less money, talk to us today to decide which membership package is the best option to help you reach your goals.

Membership is ideal for:

  • People who are phasing out of individual therapy but want to maintain access to their therapist and group support
  • People who need help staying engaged and motivated to maintain their progress
  • People at the beginning of their therapy journey
  • People who do not have a lot of money to spend on therapy
  • People who like to stay at touch between formally scheduled sessions


Package Level Discount on Individual Sessions


Discount on Group Program 2 x email or phone consults Monthly Cost Monthly


10% Free Access Free 1,000kr Up to 3,990kr
10% 20% Free 800kr Up to 1,590kr
20% Free 500kr Up to 1,150kr


*Monthly value is calculated on attending the full group program and weekly individual sessions. Total value will depend on which therapist you are working with and your group attendance.