Relationship & Family Problems

We humans seem, for the most part, to be inclined to form relationships.  As babies, we bond with our caretakers.  As adults, we learn how to balance our dependency on others with our individual needs for achievement and creativity.  It is critical to our well-being, that we nurture and maintain fulfilling relationships.  Occasionally, however, we find that our close relationships are so filled with conflict and strife that they cause us more stress than they solve.  Frequently, a professional can be helpful and getting individuals to come to an understanding that is satisfactory to all.  we have skills in working with families, couples and other kinds of groups.  Please feel free to contact us, should you find your relationship or family in need of help.

For more information about couples therapy, please contact Dr. Debbie Quackenbush

For more information about family therapy, please contact Dr. Kate Jackson